you will not regret the next 3 seconds.

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I don’t have a fever so what the heck is wrong with me

stiles “eyelashes” stilinski

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why isn’t this in my life

sorry for the spam of personal posts you guys I’m just mildly freaking out

I’m supposed to be leaving in an hour to go on my senior band trip to Washington, D.C. and if I have to miss it I am going to be heartbroken

what am I gonna do I can’t be sick now I can’t i CANT but I also can’t get out of bed I really hope my mom wakes up soon so I can beg her to fix me

I’m serious you guys I’m really scared that something is wrong with me

It is physically impossible for me to fall asleep tonight, what is wrong with me? I’m hot all over and my stomach doesn’t hurt in the traditional sense of a “stomachache” but it sure as hell doesn’t feel good either….

Help D:

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a collection of Chris Evans’s laughter to make you laugh in less than 5 seconds!

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